Friday, May 29, 2009

Some pictures from this month...

Precious Kate in her sweet dress which was a coming home present from our best friends!
For Mother's Day, AnnaClaire and Kate planted flowers in our front and back yard! Here they are getting all the flowers at W*alM*art
And here they are planting the flowers... so sweet :)
AnnaClaire and Kate recently got Princess Co*zy Cou*pes! They love them!

One more of precious Kate! This was actually on Mother's Day... isn't she sweet?!
I have been giving AnnaClaire swim lessons the past month! She has done so well and is really swimming!
AnnaClaire and Sadie, a friend of mine (and their family and our family are very good friends... they are the ones who gave Kate the dress that she's wearing in the picture at the top of this post!) at Will's graduation party!
Kate and Liz (Sadie, Liz, and I have been friends for forever! Sadie and Liz are sisters) making ice cream!
All the girls making home made ice cream!!!
AnnaClaire LOVED making the ice cream! She was so good at churning it, too!
Kate's baby is really AnnaClaire's, so Grandma brought Kate her own baby! Kate likes to push around the "twins" in her stroller! Kate loved the home made ice cream at Will's graduation party... can you tell? :)

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Robin said...

Oh my gosh.. is that Kate cute or what. LOve that ice cream picture! Both your sweet sisters are growing so fast.

I can't believe that will has graduated already. Seems like yesterday when we visited with you all and it was prom time. And.. I can't believe you are driving now. How time does fly when you get to be mine and your moms age.

Please tell her I said hello!