Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Shore Part 4

On Sunday, we woke up and had to say goodbye to three families. All of the girls were running around giving hugs... it was very sweet. AnnaClaire and Emily were two of the girls that stayed Sunday, but they didn't quite understand and gave sweet hugs anyway:)
Ring a round the rosie was a popular game this trip... I really can not say enough how well these girls played together. It's so sweet! Here AnnaClaire is enjoying one last ring a round the rosie before Claire and Laura, Grace and SS, and Mia left!
After we said our goodbyes and the van came to take those families to the airport, we headed down to the beach! AnnaClaire loved running away from the waves with Lucy and Emily!
Kate perferred the sand to the water. She had so much fun shoveling sand into the buckets... and looked extra cute doing it :)
Here is beautiful Lucy who was so sweet with all of her friends and was so good about sharing all her toys and her house!
Did I mention that Kate loved the sand? She's quite the beach babe, although she didn't love it nearly as much on Saturday, she adored the beach on Sunday!
AnnaClaire, Emily, and Lucy had so much fun together! They built sand castles, jumped in the saves, ran away from the waves, ate snacks, and just enjoyed being around eachother. Here they are making a sand castle!
This is what the girls thought of the water... did I mention it was 61 degrees in the water?!?!?! They were in it up to their belly buttons!
Here's my two beautiful sisters! They adored being at the beach and loved having friends to be there with!
Me and my two sweet girls!
Emily, AnnaClaire, Lucy, Kate, and Grace wearing their Cinderella bows! (Grace's is in, you just can't see it!) They are from Sara Beth Bows and are the special edition Cinderella clippies! They are chinese cinderellas and they benefit Maria's Miracle Fund!
We went for a little walk through the town and grabbed some ice cream...

All of the girls loved sitting on the bench and eating their ice cream. And yes, we got loves of "awwwws" as people walked by. We also played at the park, walked across the beautiful bridge, picked flowers, and just strolled the streets!

Amy, this one is for you... Laura and Mom reading on the front porch! They didn't do much of that this trip though!

Lastly, here the little girls are heading home... they were both so wiped out from a fun weekend at the shore! They were so good for the 10 hour drive home although very sad to be home. AnnaClaire has been talking about all her friends at the shore and begging to go back all week!

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Amy Jo said...

Oh, Em! I'm in heaven looking at all the pics!!! SO wish Sara and I could have been there (and the rest of the group, too!!!) Looks like you all had a FABULOUS time!!! Thanks for the pic of Laura and your Mom reading. :-) Made me smile BIG. Hugs & love, Amy