Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Stuff

Mom and the girlies are off to story time with Mia and Miss Tracy and I'm not working until 4, so I thought I'd take a minute to update all of you... I know it's been awhile since I've posted a true update on what's been going on here. So... here you go!

We are having a wonderful summer. Of course, it started great for me with two beach trips in one week :) It's been a little more low key since that, but still fun. I'm lifeguarding for our neighborhood pool and have been working a LOT. In fact, this week, I'm working over 40 hours.
I've grown up at this pool and have known all the other guards since we were little, so it's a very fun job and I love all the people I work with. Other exciting things going on for me... I get my license in TWELVE days (finally!!!) and I leave for China in under a month! (July 14) So very excited about that :)

The boys... Drew is working as a teller and so between that and going out with friends, he hasn't been home much this summer. He is almost always home for dinner, so we have had lots of family dinners, which is nice. Next month, he is moving into an apartment near UNC Ch*arlotte, where he is transferring to. Will is at orientation for Bay*lor right now and is excited to be starting there in the fall!

Mom and Dad are pretty much the same as always. Dad is busy working, but at the end of a long day, always has time to snuggle his two littlest girls and bathe them. Mom just loves (well most of the time ;)) having TWO little girls home this summer to tote around. Mom and Dad took the little girls (the rest of us were working!) to the mountains last week and they had a great time. I have some sweet pictures I'll post soon! They are also going to take the girls up to Gatlin*burg in July while I'm in China and Will is at a camp thing at Bay*lor.

And last but not least, the little girlies are loving summer! Kate isn't a huge fan of the pool, but we did get a little plastic pool which she likes. AnnaClaire lives for the pool. She could stay there every minute of every day and be happy. We got her a noodle and that is the new favorite pool toy. Her face just lights up when I tell her that I'm going to take her to the pool :) When it's not too hot, they enjoy going to the park and basically anything that Mom takes them to do. I pulled out my doll house for them and they love playing with that, too. Kate got her summer do yesterday and it's really cute. We're growing AnnaClaire's hair out a little so that it is "long like Sissy's." (Not that long.) I love these two little girls so much and can't imagine what summer would look like without them!

How's your summer?


Kristi said...

Two beach trips in one week? The rest of us should be so lucky! We've been doing "unfun" things like packing up our old house for the movers to come. But good times are coming...
Our family also leaves on a trip on July 14, but we're headed to Yellowstone to celebrate my and Ian's 10th anniversary. Wish we were headed to China though...
I can't wait to read about your trip!

Heather said...


Please tell everyone we say HI! I check in often and love to see updates and will be checking everyday while you are in China. Have a wonderful time! Kate and AC are as precious as always. Love their dresses.

Robin said...

It's been awhile since I've stopped by... summer seems to fly right by.. especially this summer. The girls are so cute! That AnnaClaire really just beams with personality.. it just jumps right off the page!

only 12 more days till license time!? That one is hard to believe too. Congrats ahead of time because I know you'll do great!

Enjoy the rest of your summer. I'll be looking forward to reading about your China trip.

♥ Kayla ♥ said...

Your sisters get cuter every time I see a new photo. Those dresses are adorable. Where did ya'll find them?

Wife of the Pres. said...

In one word: HOT!!! It is already 100 degrees here. Should not be this HOT yet, but I do love the pool and so do our children. Sounds like you all are busy and those two girls you get to be big sis are just precious!! Love that photo!!

Kathy said...

What precious pictures of your sisters and fun times at the shore! It's always so fun to see your family growing and thriving. Love the story about the day Kate became your little sister. Congrats on getting your license soo--that's so exciting!!