Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th!

My sweet little girls on the firetruck during our July 3rd festivities
Going for a walk together...
Kate is such a little party girl!
AC and Kate brought their balls and loved playing ball with Daddy!
Kate loved the chicken nugget tray that we had with dinner :)
All the girls!
Kate was smiling all night long! She loved the festivities!
As did AC... here she is with some chalk!
The little girlies enjoyed doing the chalk that Mrs. L brought for them!
Me and AC
3-D glasses/masks/fans
AnnaClaire thought it was a good idea that one little boy brought ear phones for the fireworks..
But covering her ears and watching in Mr. P's arms was fun, too.
Kate was soo into the fireworks. She just sat on Dad's lap and ohed and awed over them.
My sweet girls all decked out on the 4th of July! (we got their dresses at Crack*er Barr*el when we stopped for a bathroom break coming home from Texas... can you believe it?)
Me and my sweet sisters...
All the girls (well minus one!) on the 4th!
All the kids.. Will was working so he couldn't come and Drew was with friends.
All the moms and dads!
Dad and Kate churning ice cream!
beautiful little Kate with a sweet smile
AnnaClaire loved playing bean bag toss with all the big guys and dads!
Miss Kate with the bean bags!
S and I with the little girlies
Kate watching fireworks
AnnaClaire, with her ear plugs, enjoying the fireworks!

Well we have had an exciting weekend to say the least :) In between all the excitement we've had a couple of Fourth of July celebrations. Friday night (the 3rd) we went with a couple of other families to a symphony/firework show by one of our malls. We all brought different dishes and enjoyed an awesome meal, music, and fireworks. It was so much fun! The girls enjoyed playing ball, doing chalk, checking out the firetruck, just running around, and they both liked the fireworks, too! Kate was completely enthralled with them. AnnaClaire, who is terrified of anything loud, was a little scared but just kept her hands on her ears and enjoyed watching them. It was a late night but both girls were such troopers and had so much fun! Me and the other older girls who were there all went out for fried ice cream after and it was delicious!
Then yesterday (the 4th!), I had to work the morning/afternoon shift at the pool. AnnaClaire, Drew, and Dad came by and AnnaClaire loved had a ball once me and a few friends got off work... lets just say she had lots of big girls doting on her :) She even did a water balloon toss game with one of our neighbors! Once she and the guys got home, Mom, Dad, the little girls and I headed over to one of our neighbor's houses with some other neighbors (the same group from yesterday plus one other family and another friend) for dinner. We had ribs, BBQ chicken, squash casserole, rolls, fruit salad, baked beans, and a cookie cake decorated with blueberries and strawberries to make an American flag. We churned ice cream, playing bean bag toss, and just chatted. We had so much fun just catching up with some of these dear friends of ours! Then we went over to the house of one of the families who was there for fireworks and (homemade) ice cream sundaes!

We've had an awesome weekend... hope you all have had a fun 4th, too!


Amy Jo said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend, Emily! Thanks for all the fun pics. Hugs to your family!

jeanette said...

what great pics! LOVE the dresses from the C. Barrel. who'd thunk it?!