Thursday, July 2, 2009


Me and the girlies at B&J!
They loved their mint ice cream!
New Dora fishing polls!
Breakfast at Chick*fila this morning
Me and AC at breakfast
She loved having breakfast there!
First time at the movie theatre... watching Veggie*Tales with Bunny!
In front of the theatre/sign for the free movies!
In case you couldn't tell by my Wordless Wednesday post, I got my license on Tuesday! It's been so fun finally being able to drive without a parent in the front seat! I was quite nervous doing the driving test but was very thankful to pass first time :)

I think Mom might like me having my license just as much as I like having it... yesterday, between a lifeguard meeting and work, I took the little girls out for ice cream at B*en and J*errys! They both got "mit choca CHIP!" as Kate says. It's safe to say that they enjoyed it :) Afterwards, we went to Wal*Mart and I bought them both fishing polls! AnnaClaire has been talking about fishing for EVER and of course, Kate wants to be just like her. They both picked D*ora and are in love with their little fishing polls. Dad took them fishing while I was at work and they loved it... too bad he didn't bring the camera :( Today, AC and i headed to Chick*fila for breakfast before heading to the movie theatre! It was the first time Booie had ever had Chick*fila for breakfast and she LOVED it. She had "minis wif CHICKEN, hat browns and meelk" and loved every bite. I think we might have to go to Chick*fila for breakfast more often! I know all Re*gal theatres have free showings of some kids movies a few times each week. Today the Veg*gie Tal*es movie was playing for free. We thought that would be a perfect first movie theatre experience for AC... and it was. She loved it! She was actually following the movie, too, because she was asking me about certain parts of it. It was sweet. She sat soooo still and quiet and was very intrigued. I'm going to take her back to see U*p sometime soon and I promised her that we could get popcorn that time, since we didn't get any today.

So it's been fun. AnnaClaire loves driving with me... I mean it is pretty cool to be three years old and driving around with your big sister, isn't it? ;)

Oh and I promise, I'm a safe driver!


Debbie said...

So much fun! I'm sure AC enjoyed the time with her big sis. And that is our favorite breakfast spot too. Bill & I go there maybe once a week during the school year. Yum!

Pam said...

You are right~ I LOVE that you have your license! AND you are the BEST big sissy EVER!


Holly said...

Congrats on your license Emily! How exciting! I get mine in October. Can't wait! I know AC and Kate must love going on outings with their big sissy!

Amy Jo said...

So sweet! Looks like your summer is going to be especially memorable this year! (Loved that your mom posted on your blog!) What an awesome family you are. Hugs from Oregon, Amy & Sara

Robin said...

Congratulations on getting your license! :0) What a big right of passage. And.. before I read your mom's comment I was thinking to myself... Oh Yeah your mom likes you having your license!! I can remember how happy I was when my kids receive theirs!


Jean said...

Congrats on your license!!

I love how the little ones talk- it is just too cute!!
The BKF and movie outing looks like fun!!

I am sure your Mom is enjoying having you with your license!! I know I appreciated it when my older 4 got their license!!

Blessings to you!

Catherine said...

Congrats!!! The feeling of being able to drive yourself is amazing!! Have you let out a little yelp of excitement yet?? I remember doing that the very first time I was in the car alone!!

It's fun to see the ice cream pic as I remember you saying awhile ago that that's what you wanted to do with your sisters. happened!!

STILL need to find me a chick-fil-a sometime when south of the border!

Fun movie time with Boo!

Congrats on getting your license!!!