Monday, July 13, 2009

Headed to...

(I took this picture on the Great Wall on Dec. 10, 2006... the day before we received our sweet AnnaClaire!)


Sorry to leave you all hanging... I really hate doing this to you... (who am I kidding? I LOVE seeing your responses!) but I have to wait for a certain something before I can share more... so hopefully I can go into FULL detail (maybe a few more hints first!) about what exactly my crazy family is up to once I'm home.

Love you all! Prayers for my trip are appreciated! And remember, if you want to follow "live", go to!

Thanks for the prayers and thanks for bearing with me :)


Lexie said...

i say, people should have to start making guesses :) cause that sounds like fun.

haha, have fun girl! and i'll be checkin your blog non-stop.


Ashton said...

Ah knowing things is great :)

Have fun in China!! Praying for you!