Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Growing up..

AnnaClaire has never been great at things like drawing pictures, writing letters, drawing in straight lines, etc. However, all of a sudden since she has turned 4, all of the skills are just coming to her! She came home from Bible study last week where she had (kinda) written her name! I know she didn't exaclty get it... but this was the first time she has even TRIED! And plus, AnnaClaire isn't really an easy name for a just-turned-4-year-old to write :) Atleast she got the As and the Ns! Then, on Friday, she was drawing pictures on her new chalkboard... It may look like nothing to you, but if you look closely, you can see that it is our FAMILY! She drew the whole thing... Mom, Dad, Drew, Will, me, her, Kate, "Baby" Charlie, her bunny, and Kate's lovie! She then proudly pointed everyone out :)
She also has a little preschool work book which she never really enjoyed doing at all. She now asks to do it every day and does a VERY good job with it, too!
She's just growing up... guess that's what happens when you turn FOUR! Just loving this age though... I think it might be my favorite yet :)


Janet and Kevin said...

Isn't each age just the greatest! Wouldn't want to miss it!

Anna Claire did a very nice job on her writing and pictures. So cute.

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

Jenn said...

Wow...way to go AnnaClaire!

CNA said...

Awwwww! Way To Go AC! :)

Keri said...

Such a big difference between age 3and 4 isn't there.


Kristi said...

You know, now that Kylie has reached a "mature 3 1/2" we are starting to see interest on her part in those aspects too. Just today she "wrote" a note to one of her friends and signed her name pretty clearly. Kylie was completely backwards, but we are making progress in even being interested!
I've got some cute pictures to send you of your little sisters with my two kiddos from last week!