Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hope you all had a very happy Halloween! Ours was very fun! It was Kate's first one, as we were flying to Guangzhou last Hallo*ween! We are pretty lame when it comes to Hallo*ween, and Mom wanted both girls to wear their Bay*lor cheerleader outfits... but AnnaClaire had really wanted to be a princess, and I saw a cheap Cinder*ella costume, so I got it for her... when Kate saw it, she wanted to be a princess, too! So Kate wore the Snow Whi*te costume we had... the one AC wore on her first Hallo*ween! They both looked ADORABLE... like such little princesses! They were SO excited, too! Daddy carved pumpkins with them, we made pumpkin seeds, and then we went outside. Our neighbor helped AnnaClaire to the first house, and then we came back in for some dinner and my friend came over. We went as nerds :) and we took the girlies in the wagon... they had so much fun! They were so sweet, too, always saying thank you! I think Hallo*ween was a hit! They were so excited to come to our house and show Mom and Dad all the candy they got and they even shared a bit with me and my friend before we headed to another friends house...
Hope your Hallo*ween was safe and fun, too!


Jean said...

The girls are adorable!! Happy Halloween! I can hardly wait until Charlie joins the crew!! You do know that Charlie will need a little brother... right!?!

I'm sorry- naughty me! I just love following your journeys to China!

Ashton said...

Precious pictures!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Oh, so glad the girls got to be princesses!! They are perfect ones ;)

Kim said...

Love the photos of my friend your dad! :)
Please tell him I said hello!
Also, when I sent the Wisconsin quilt squares for the girls, I didn't know to include a wish with them...should I send one along now?
--Kim D.