Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kylie and Caleb!

Kylie, Caleb, Kate, and AnnaClaire... and all are waiting for another sibling! Kylie and Caleb are waiting for their little sister, Darcy, and of course, AC and Kate are waiting for their brother, Charlie!
Sweet friends, Kylie and AC!
This one cracks me up~ Caleb and Kate... Cooties?!

On Friday, some sweet friends from our Kate's travel group were in town, so the Moms and the kiddos finally got together! We hadn't seen them since the day we left China and AnnaClaire still talks about playing with "Ky-wee" on the airplane (they were on both the flight from our city to Newark and from Newark to Beijing) and in China, so she was so excited to go see "Ky-wee" and "Lu Tao"(Caleb). I cannot believe how much they have all grown!! Just to give you a glimpse, here's a few pictures from China...

Kate and Caleb in Guangzhou (11/08)

AC (has a starburst in her mouth) and Kylie SO excited to be in Beijing after a long day of travelling! (10/08)

AnnaClaire and Kylie at the Chen Family Temple in Guangzhou! (11/08)

I just love adoption! And the friends we make through it! And that AC had friends her age to play with when we were there getting Kate... friends who will always be a part of our adoption story! Thanks again, Kylie and Caleb! Maybe next time, I'll be able to make it :)

P.S. Dad turned down tickets to the Pan*ther's game tomorrow night...

because he's driving our i800a and his medical to Ra*leigh to be state authenticated (everything else already is) and then is going on to D.C. to get everything China authenticated! (Dad has been working out of town since Monday, which is why he is just now going.) If all goes well, Madison will have our dossier by Tuesday and will send it to China on Wednesday!!! Prayers, please!!


Kristi said...

We enjoyed the visit so much! Caleb kept asking for "Hanna Tare" the whole weekend and Kylie kept asking about "Katie cakes." It was so wonderful to see kids who hadn't seen each other in a full year fall right back into a comfortable friendship. Not to mention I really enjoyed catching up with your mom...
I was so glad to hear that the much anticipated 797C had finally arrived and will be praying for a effortless authentication process! Here's praying for a DTC date of 11/25!

Janet and Kevin said...

Praying for your paperwork! Cute pictures of your sisters.

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

Julie said...

How fun that AC and Kate got to play with their friends.

I was wondering if the squares I sent made it there?