Monday, March 1, 2010

Woohoo! *updated*

Two more steps down in the I800 process... our stuff was cabled to Guangzhou on 2/25 and we received our NVC letter today!!!!! It's all been forwarded to the Consulate and will be "logged in" there on Thursday... (that can only be done on Mondays and Thursdays, and it's too late for today since China is 13 hours ahead of us.) Then 2 weeks until article 5 and 2 weeks until TA. My birthday is on March 31... TA would be a great birthday present :). Looks like we'll be too late for my spring break, but we should definitely be in China in APRIL!!!!

Speaking of Charlie... I just have to share these pictures of his room... It was once Will's room, furnished with our great grandparent's furniture, and some beautiful blue carpet ;)
And now it is perfect for our little guy! We aren't quite finished yet... waiting on a rug, a chair, and some stuff to hang on the walls... but I love it!

And on another note, our I800A for Grace was approved today... so another step closer in that direction! It sounds like our officer for her is MUCH quicker, as it was assigned to her TODAY and she already approved it! :) For those of you wondering, travel for Grace will be about 4-6 months after we get Charlie. So somewhere from August-October!


Debbie said...

Awesome! So excited for you all!

Kim said...

What travel month (approximately) are you expecting for Grace?
--Kim in WI.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! One step closer!!

Blessings, Ashley

Judi said...

I love the bedroom!

Jeanette said...

What wonderful news!!!! Doing the happy dance for your family!!! Sara Beth's future husband will be coming home soon!!!! ;)

jeanette said...

love the room...but that bed looks so big for such little guy. :)

so glad paperwork is moving along on both kiddos!!

Jean said...

Love the new room for Charlie!! I am assuming you will be sleeping with him- okay JK but he will not want to be alone! he could always sleep between Mom and Dad for a couple months!

I am sorry BUT I see a second little boy in that room! and now I will be quiet ;-
(I have issues!)

It is so cool how quickly you will be getting Gracie! It warms my heart to know she will be coming home so soon! You guys are awesome!

nihaoeh said...

Well, it would be nice to see you in Beijing in April!

I am going- not to PHF- but to another foster home in the area.

Feeling so blessed :)


Global Girl said...

Oops- realized I was still logged in after editing a friend's blog.

That was actually me above!!


Keri said...

I love Charlie's room!!!! It is just perfect for a boy his age. Love the red accent on the blinds.


Wife of the Pres. said...

About the bed … LM sleeps in a queen-size bed (our old one) and she LOVES it! We have rails on each side that fold down when not in use so still easy to make it up. It is actually nice b/c I can lay down with her if she is having trouble going to sleep. And there is plenty of room for her to grow into it!

As for the sleeping in b/t Mom and Dad, guilty here. We have always allowed it, so bringing LM into our bed in the night when she awakens is no big deal to us.

I love the train table too. Looks just like ours!!! Oh, how I wish we would have another little guy in your future too. :( Maybe someday. Happy for Charlie and Grace coming home SOON!!!

BTW, our art. 5 is supposed to be ready that Thursday as well, March 18. As for TA, we have no idea thought it is supposed to be "quicker" than w/ the last adoption (it took 22 days which we didn't think was to bad). We'll see. Not holding my breath (and Pam you know why I say that :).

Do you all leave on Th. with MAA? Do you realize Pam/Emily that we sent LOIs for our guys SAME DAY and we could actually be leaving to bring them home same DAY as well. What if you all had Gotcha Day same day as Charlie and Joel??? Would that not be a hoot? If God is allowing our delays to get us there on the SAME day, I'm am so COOL with that!