Wednesday, January 2, 2008

As we begin 2008...

I love my pockets! I wouldn't let anyone take my coat off because I liked putting my hands in them!

So, Sissy kinda cut off my head (I move around so much!) but I'm cute all the same.

Making my New Year's sign with my Christmas crayons!

Here's a few more pictures from New Year's Eve. It was a really fun night. Mom, Dad, and AnnaClaire had the night to themselves, as Will has been in Pittsburgh since the day after Christmas, visiting his friend. (He got home last night). I was at my friend's house along with pretty much half our grade. It was really fun. They live way out on a huge piece of property with a really big house. There were a ton of people there as he has siblings who all had friends over, plus a lot of parents came. It was really fun. Drew was with his friend, so anyway. Yesterday I was at my friend's house most of the day, and when I got home, all our Christmas decorations were gone. It makes me so sad. I absolutely love Christmas and I hate it when the decorations come down. Will came home and we had red beans and rice for dinner... our favorite! So the New Year started off well. I completely cleaned out my room, as one of my resolutions is to keep my room clean (I have so much trouble with that one!) I finished cleaning with 5 trash bags (like big, kitchen sized ones) and 4 GoodWill bags. Not too bad.

Hope everyone had a good New Year's Eve and day. I'll take some pictures of AnnaClaire and post them later =]


Jie Jie to Sarah Lu and Chayah Ru said...

Love the coat!!!! It is so cute! AnnaClaire looks so much older in it! Our mei mei's are growing up!!!

Monica said...

We had red beans and rice that night too. LOL. Cute coat.


Brittany said...

That has to be the cutest coat
Kind of funny AnnaClaire likes pockets because so does lauren