Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Update on Kate

I had a comment wondering about Kate. Here's the latest...

We still don't have an LID. Still. We were DTC 12/14 and we are still waiting to hear about it! I'm becoming a little worried, I'm going to have to say! Hopefully we'll hear something soon so we aren't wondering if our dossier even got there!

I am so ready for our referral. We honestly have absolutely no idea when it should come, or when to expect it. Right now we can only hope for sometime this year. We've been on the IF list since September, now.

So that's about it for Kate updates... there's not really much going on in her adoption. I'll let you know as soon as we hear something!

Also, while I'm posting I just wanted to mention how absolutely sweet my little mei mei is. I know I say that a lot, but today she was at Chickfila, got pushed, reopened a booboo she has on her chin, and sobbed. But Mom said she didn't think AC was crying out of pain, but more out of hurt feelings that someone would push her. She was playing on the play thing when Mom heard her start crying and when she finally got down, she pointed to an older boy and said, "Pushu!" She is so loving, caring, kind, and just SWEET that I think this just really hurt her that someone would push her. Poor baby. She wouldn't slide after that. =[. I know kids push, it's just a fact, but that did remind me of how loving, sweet, and tender-hearted my sweetie is. I'm not saying she's perfect, but she's about the sweetest thing in the world. (But I could be a little biased!)

Oh and today she was telling Mom everyone that loved her, "Mommy, Daddy, Sissy, Will, Drew, Jason, Jesus!" Jason is Drew's friend. Isn't that just too cute?

And then, she was talking on the phone (which she is the cutest talking on the phone) to Drew. Normally when she gets on the phone, she informs whoever it is that, "We took Christmas DOWN!" (even though that was weeks ago!) But today, she holds the phone and goes, "Hi Drew! No potty!" Yep... she WILL NOT sit on the potty now... oh well, when she's totally ready, we will be, too.

She had the cutest new little tulip outfit on today, but I forgot to snap a picture... next time!


Keri said...

So funny! "No potty!" This girl knows her mind! She is too cute!


Lexie said...


We were DTC 12/7, and then logged in 12/14...but they didn't tell us that till almost a month after the fact. Soo...you very well could be LID and they just havn't told you yet! I hope that is true! I will be praying that y'all are LID SOON!


CNA said...

Aww! To cute!!


Elise said...

I hope you hear something soon....maybe our first referral and your second will be somewhere close together. I am just trying to finish my college classes and then we are going to get this process moving:) I am so longing to bring our baby home!

Can't believe AnnaClaire is potty trained...amazing little girl!

Anonymous said...
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Tina said...

Sophie is doing her own thing with the whole potty issue. Some days she is dry all day and somedays she just doesnt feel like it!! lol. You can tell she is definately the baby in the family!

Lauren said...

Awww...that's so exciting!!! I cant wait to hear more.

Are you still doing blog makeovers because mine got deleted? All I really want at this point is a new header.

Holly said...

Aww how cute! We are trying to get Gracie interested in pottty training. She has gone a few times on her "big girl potty" but still doesn't really seem to be too interested in the whole concept. LOL.