Saturday, January 26, 2008

Chicken Pox!

Well Miss AnnaClaire has something we know as the... chicken pox. She did get the vaccine, yet she has them. Luckily, she has a very mild case of them and isn't in too much uncomfort. They are mostly on her tummy and back, and a few on her legs. There are none on her arms, face, or scalp, so that's good. You probably can't even tell in the pictures, because her case is so mild. In fact, they are starting to go away and I don't think they are even contagious anymore. Nevertheless, she has them and has been saying "Itchy right THERE!" the past few days. She had a cold in China and a cold last February and other than that she has not been sick. So she has stayed extremely healthy until her pox!

On another note today she had just gotten a fresh diaper on and she started walking funny and ran over to the potty saying, "POTTTTTTY!" we hurried to get her there, but I think we were too late because her diaper was wet and although she sat there for like 15 minutes, no more came out. However, it was a good try!


Robin said...

Awww. poor AnnaClaire. Those pox are an itchy mess.

Get ready with the potty thing. Maddy has been doing that now for about 3 weeks. She runs to the potty as soon as she pottys in her diaper and on occasion she catches it BEFORE she wets her diaper. Such big girls :0)

Lexie said...

Ohhh!!! Poor baby!!! At least it is a mild case though. The pictures of her with nothing on but a bow are soo cute!

Brittany said...

ohh Porr little thing
i Hope she gets better

And congrats on the potty traing
Lauren has started ,but not doing to well


Olivia said...

oh goodness! feel better little one!

Jana said...

How CUTE is that little belly of hers?!? She's precious.