Friday, January 25, 2008

My sweetie

I just love my little AnnaClaire so much. I really can't quite explain how much she means to me.

She is so cute. Everything she does makes me think, "What would I do without her... she is just so cute."

Tonight at our table, at each place setting she sat a "Little People" person in the chair and put a bowl on the table. Is that not adorable?

I was at the ortho the other day getting new retainers, and let me tell you, AC is just the star there. She run around and everyone stops what they are doing and caters to her every whim. She experienced going up and down in the patient chair about 3 times. She loved every minute of it, too!

Ohhh! She used the potty on Thursday! It was her first time since like the end of August, the day she got the potty! She always says, "NOOOOOOOO!" everytime we ask if she wants to go on it. But that time she told Mommy she did and she went in the bathroom and shut the door. Mom said she heard her getting toilet paper but thought she was playing and so suspected nothing when she came out a few minutes later. Then it dawned on Mom and she said, "Did you go potty?" AnnaClaire answered yet and sure enough Mom looked in and her potty was filled with toilet paper! She got chocolate kissys (her favorite.. and absolutely adorable when she says it) and got to wear her PANTIES! She happily told me about her accomplishment when she got home from school. It had been 2 hours and her panties were still dry. However, I asked if she needed to go again and she responded firmly, "NO!" and 5 minutes later she had wet panties... Oh well, she still did great!

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Allison said...

Yay, AC! Maggie has panties too but they are WAY too big! We will have to look for teeny ones!