Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I should be doing a lot of other things...

But this is just too cute not to post. (I know, it's blurry. It was taken on a camera phone...)

Oh and by the way, you don't know how much anticipation we have had for that sight... I love that Costco has two seats in their carts! For the past year, we have been telling AC that Kate would sit by her in the cart some day. Finally, that day came. What a beautiful sight :)

And since I'm posting already, I might as well give you a little update on Sweet Thing.

She's good. She gets more and more adorable as each day passes. It's hard to believe that tomorrow marks one week of being home from China! Kate has come a pretty long way since we first got home. She is DEFINITELY bonding more, which is a huge praise. She is also happier at home and has been playing very nicely with AC. We have also found a few more things that she likes to eat! Praise God for all of those things. Our first few days, she had a few smiles, but was not necessarily happy and there were too many times where she would cry in any position other than being help, standing. That has definitely changed. She is also recognizing Mom as her Mommy... making good eye contact, coming to Mom for comfort, allowing Mom to kiss on her, etc. These are all very good strides!

Yesterday, Kate went to the doctor for her "Welcome Home Checkup." She is 17 pounds and 29 inches, as we were told at her medical appt. in Guangzhou. she had to have some blood drawn, but will have more drawn next week. Our sweet doctor wanted to do things one step at a time, so Kate didn't have to have any immunizations. They are going to check her immunity levels to see what she has been immunized for, so they won't have to repeat any shots. Kate will have to go back next week for another blood draw and maybe some immunizations. Anyway, poor little Kate has an ear infection! :( She has not been sleeping well the past couple of nights (and she was an AWESOME sleeper in China and the first 2ish nights home!) so maybe that is why. We got lots of medicines to help her and hopefully she will be feeling better soon! We have the sweetest doctor ever and she treated the little girls like royalty. AnnaClaire also had her three year old checkup. She is 30 pounds still and is 36 inches tall! She is getting so big. And what a size difference between our two sweet girls, who are only 16 months apart! How I love them both so very much!

Kate also experienced her first Chickfila, where she was doted on and enjoyed chicken nuggets (hey, it's protein!). More about that later.

So there's just a quick update for you. We are doing well. Life has been pretty hectic and I am NOT happy to be back at school. If only you knew the loads of makeup work I have... I will not bore you with it all, but it is A LOT. Thankfully, my math teacher was very nice about the whole thing and so excited about Kate. He gave me a list of everything I would miss and I was able to keep up with it all and am on the same pace as the class. (Same as my English teacher) Some of my other teachers were not nearly as "on board" with me missing 11 days of school to go to China with my family to adopt my sister, and oh boy am I making up for it. So that is pretty stressful. However, I would not trade that trip for ANYTHING. Sitting in class rooms during my sophomore year of high school is not going to matter in a few years. Experiencing the MIRACLE of adoption, the adoption of my sister, and being in CHINA... now that will be an unforgettable expeience, one that far outweighs the insane amount of makeup work I have.

Life is good. Much busier than it was three weeks ago, yet so much sweeter. I wouldn't trade any part of it for the world.


Allison said...

Yay, I'm glad you found time to post!!!! AC and Kate are soooo sweet in the cart together!

Robin said...

Oh Emily, the girls are just so sweet together. I've been playing catch up again this week as I've had out of town guests (another china girl and her mommy) .
AC and Maddy are the same size. Maddy had an URI and weighed 30 pounds at the doctor as well. She is also 36 inches tall. :0)
I'm so glad Miss Kate is starting to bond better with your mom. All in good time or better yet God's time. Blessings!

Holly said...

What a precious pic! Glad to hear things are going well! Hope Miss Kate is feeling better.

2 China 4 Addison said...

Love all your updates Emily, you are a very gifted writer.
Hang in there, you'll catch up with school work soon. Good to see you understand the important things in life! :)
oh, and post more pics when you get a chance!!