Monday, May 25, 2009

Seven Months!

Today marks seven months since we became a forever family of seven! It's hard to believe that Miss Kate has been here for seven whole months. She has brought so much to our family... so much joy, so much sweetness, so much fun! Have I mentioned how absolutely SWEET she is? She is the sweetest little thing I have ever known. My heart grows more and more in love with her daily. She has such a precious little heart and I have loved watching her grow over these seven months! She may still be tiny (18.8 pounds to be exact!) but she has grown so much in other areas. She was considered language delayed at Philip Hayden, yet she is speaking full sentences! She has also started going potty on the potty! The first day we held her, and for so many after, she was quite stubborn and whiney. How that has changed!!! She does anything you ask her (well... except eat!) and always has a big smile across her face. You can just see the joy in the above picture. I have loved seeing her love of life grow deeper and her smile grow wider these past months. I have also loved watching her come to love her FAMILY and become the best of friends with AnnaClaire. They love eachother so much and it just melts my heart :) I love this little girl so much and am so blessed to be her big sister!
Happy seven months together, Kate! I love you SO much, precious baby girl!
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Catherine said...

Such a cutie! Congrats on being a family for 7 months!

Jeanette said...

Happy 7 months sweet Kate!!!!

Amy Jo said...

Wow, Kate is looking more like a little girl and less like a toddler. That happened too fast for this "auntie!" Seriously, she's a doll and I'm so glad she's in your family soaking up all the love and fun you have to share! Wish we lived closer. Sweet blessings, Amy