Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One of "those" families

Because when you have a family of this size (picture drawn by Miss AC) you sort of need a bus.
And now we won't ever have to take two cars on our family trips again! (we went to the mountains on Saturday... pictures to come!)
Plus, we will still be able to go on trips with the girls' best friend, Mia, even after Charlie, Grace, and Mia's big sis, Emily are home! (more pictures coming from our day at the park this morning!)

And of course, we now have an excuse to put one of these on the back of our car ;) Not to mention the fact that we now have a bunch of extra space... you know... because we do have a dossier just sitting at the C2A2!

So yes, we have a new car. Or maybe bus would be a better word, as it is a 15 passenger. However, really, it is an 11 passenger, because in order to have cargo space, the back bench has to be taken out. And while we vowed we'd never get a white van, we are now the proud owners of a... white van! Let's just say that the price was right.
The girlies are very excited about their new ride. AnnaClaire is mostly excited that her WHOLE family can now fit in one car! Of course, there were some tears when she realized that HER "sa-bore-ban" wasn't coming home with us. Afterall, we have only had that car for 3 years (the above picture is her in front of it the day we bought it. She was 16 months old!) We have had some beloved memories in it. Yet... the side mirror was completely off the car, two seatbelts were broken, and the brakes were down to the metal, as the car was reaching 150,000 miles and was many years old. We simply didn't feel the need to put all the money into fixing a car that our family couldn't even fit in. So we said goodbye and drove off with our new bus, which I am sure will hold many, many memories!


Nicole said...

I am so proud to be "one of those families" too! It seems you are out there, a rare breed, it's nice to see we aren't alone :)
And this time instead of one of the kiddos shedding tears when we left the ever small mini van behind, well, that was me with the tears! lol!

Nightingale said...

I love your new blog header!! Glad you got a big van...it would be a shame to waste that dossier that is sitting in China!! :)

Melanie said...

I love your new blog look =)
I'm so happy for you and your family. I've seen your family grown since AC.
I love the big van. I'm sure family trips will be way more fun from now on =)

Jean said...

Okay- there are so many similarities here! We have a suburban- I do love it- I too would have to give it up for one of those extra large family vehicles! (it s my secret dream to do that!)

I also want to be one of "those families"! Sorry to say I would choose... white... yep, it's true!

Love the blog change!!

Tim said...

We too are hoping for two in 2010. First one redeemed on 2/25. Second one in process, hoping that this will come to fruit by year end.

Nice to see another Ox child coming home.

Kristi said...

Someday for the M family I pray, someday...
For now we have three more seats to fill up in the Sienna!
Can't wait to see a picture of the whole family piling out! You'll have to set your fancy new camera up on auto with ten or so continuous shots to get the motion. How fun!

Katie said...

Lovin' this post and the new header! What happened to your arm?!?

Janet and Kevin said...

That's great that you all can fit into one car now. Even with just five of us, it is tricky finding a vehicle to seat five comfortably, except for our van (which is gray and not nearly as big as yours!) hee, hee!

Janet and gang

Ginny said...

Wow Nine! I bet your mom didn't see this day coming 10 years ago. :) God is good.

I wanted to tell you that I am doing a giveaway to raise awareness for Half The Sky. My daughter Ruthie (from Charlie's SWI) was in the HTS program so I bet Charlie is too. You will have to check it out. www.4uruthie.blogspot.com and spread the word that Half the Sky is an amazing organization.

You guys are so close. I can't wait to see your gotcha.