Saturday, April 17, 2010

The pink dress...

Here's AnnaClaire on her first Easter. She was 17 months old and we saved the dress to hand down to "mei mei," as it was (and still is!!) a favorite of ours.

Little did we know that "mei mei" would wear the dress almost exatly 3 years later... at 37 months old! Yes, here's Kate last Sunday... wearing the dress that AnnaClaire fit into when she was 20 months younger!

She's our teeny tiny princess... but so full of love, spunk, and sweetness!


Jean said...

Pretty dress!! Our Anna is itty bitty too! I am enjoying it!! She is 4 yrs old and fits into a 2T or 3T (actually she can wear a 18-24 months size too but I just packed them away)!

Any chance you will travel in early June?

Emily said...

Jean- we are still hoping for early June!!!!!

Natalie said...

Hi, I just recently found your blog and I think you are so awesome for keeping such a great blog. The girls are adorable. I haven't read your whole story yet, but I will catch up. I am excited that you are expanding your family.
I think adoption is the best.
I am a bio Mom of 5 and an adoptive Mom of 3. I am also a grandma of 13, almost 14. I have been a teacher and I just love kids.
I admire you for being such an awesome sister.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pink dress. I also have a very tiny princess from China who is now 13. Waiting to see that PROM dress.