Thursday, April 22, 2010

A simple request for a family

Yesterday, I watched a video of a 12 year old girl asking for a family. It was taken earlier this month when our agency's assistant director visited some of the kids from their first camp ox last year. In the video, she is assuring this young girl that she is still doing all that she can to find her a family.

How do you watch that and not want to bring her home?

My heart aches. For the little girl and thousands of others who wait. For these kids who long for a family. She stated that she is so excited that many of her friends have been adopted, but she really wants a family, too.

Why are there so many families who come up with excuse after excuse of why they CAN'T adopt? How come there are thousands of families waiting... families who have been waiting YEARS to adopt... when children just like "Kristy" who have sat on a list for a year and still just have a simple request for a family. There are hundreds waiting on lists RIGHT NOW? Kids just like "Kristy" who long for a family.

I just look at these kids who are waiting and my heart burns... and I wish there was more I could do. But at 17, there's just not much. So I will be the voice of the orphans and I will not stop advocating for those who deserve so much more in life than being in an orphanage.


Amy said...

I love your heart. This is how I feel every day. Why is everyone waiting for a child???? You are going to do amazing things, you go girl!

Julie said...

aww, I wish I could adopt right now! Well, I guess I could, but an unmarried 23 year old, not financial stable...probably not a good idea lol

Nicole said...

Love you more every time you do a post like that !!

Amy Murphy said...

I agree. Why are so many people waiting on lists for YEARS when there are so many kids out there waiting for a family. Keep advocating!