Monday, April 28, 2008

a not-so-typical event

(this is from last Sunday... no new pictures and I hate not having pictures at the top of posts)
At school today we had a tornado drill. Except it wasn't a drill... it was real. What would you call that? A real tornado drill? But it's not a drill... oh well, whatever it's called. Our first lunch starts at 11:30 and we weren't even upstairs (we don't have a cafeteria... we eat in class rooms) before our principal came on the intercom saying there was a tornado like 7 minutes away and so we needed to go in the hall and do what we do for drills. So all 250 something of us gathered in the halls of our not-so-large school for the next hour and 5 minutes. We came up with all these random games to play, sitting in our very uncomfortable positions. This is going to sound so bad, but I was bummed we didn't have a class during it! Second lunch people missed their entire 5th period class. We missed our whole lunch and half of our next class. Thankfully, they let us eat our lunches (probably not the best idea during a tornado warning, but oh well). So there we were, sitting toward the wall, eating lunch. Finally the tornado warning passed and we went back to the normal day at like 12:35. (By the way.. it never touched down it was just passing through. I think it actually touched down in other parts... but not by us.)

Other than that, it was a normal day. Track practice was cancelled, which was nice. So I got to come home a little earlier than normal and play choo choo with AnnaClaire. Pretty fun!


Jeanette said...

Emily, I was home alone during all of that...I stocked my downstairs bathroom with water, snacks, pillows, flashlights and of course my computer and cell JUST in case I got trapped in there for a while. You think I over reacted a bit? :) When I went to pick the boys up at school they didn't have a tornado "drill". I guess the worst of it was over in our area. Glad the storm passed with no damage!

jeanette said...

I'm glad you're safe! Hopefully the tornado didn't do much damage wherever it did touch down.

Lexie said...

Oh wow that is unusual! I know what you mean about wishing it had happened during class...if all our fire drills happened during Algebra, or maybe history...that would be GREAT! :0)

Cute pic!

Robin said...

Holy canoly! I didn't know about the severe weather until I watching some news late last night. I'm so glad my friends (and family) are all ok! I'm sure that was pretty scary!!!