Saturday, May 3, 2008

Quick Recap

I honestly have nothing to say; but it's been awhile and I thought I would post. It's been an incredibly busy week:

Tuesday after track, me and some friends painted the rock for my other friend. Afterwards we went to B&J free cone day.. yum. AC had a dr. appt that day and she is now just under 30 pounds and just under 34 inches!

Wednesday was my friend's birthday and right after track, we decorated our classroom at youth group, got all kinds of food, and had a little party for her.

Thursday I was at a track meet all day after school. It was pretty fun but we didn't get home until close to 10!

Last night after track, I went to On the Border with a few friends. I had called my dad to figure out the number for call ahead and when he called me back, I told him I had just wanted to know the callahead number. Strangely enough, he informed me that he, Mom, and AnnaClaire were on their way to On the Border... they didn't even know I was there with 2 other friends! So that was pretty fun and I had the added bonus of seeing Little Precious! We went our school's conference soccer game (which they won) and slept over before another long 6 hours of drivers ed today. Only two more times!! Yesssssssss.

May is definitely going to be a busy month. School gets out on the 30th, but the 26-30 is exams. Track ending, the rest of drivers ed, and the end of school will definitely be keeping me busy. I'll try to post more and take more pictures :) Can't wait until SUMMER!

So anyway, I have no new pictures of Miss AC. Here's one from last May.. has she grown or what?!


Lexie said...

oh goodness that DOES sound like a busy week!!

Yes, she has grown so much! WOW!

Jeanette said...

We just went to OTB for Jeff's b-day tonight!!!

Holly said...

Yes it has definetly been a crazy week! Miss AnnaClaire has grown up so much in just a year! I cannot believe how much older she looks.