Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Truly Blessed

We would say your name
A hundred times a day
Like speaking words in faith
And with a mixture of
Hope and fear and trust
We prayed for the strength to wait
And dreamed of how we'd feel the day
You'd be in our arms and…

Swept away
Caught up in our love
Home to stay
You'll never be alone
You'll be amazed
At how much you are loved
Your life will never be the same
Once you're swept away

What once was just a dream?
Is now reaching up to me
And I hold her in my arms
Father thank you for the way
You held her all those days
That we had to spend apart
And now I see the impossible dream
Is holding me and I'm…

Swept away
Caught up in your love
Home to stay
I 'll never be alone
And I'm amazed
At how much I am loved
My life will never be the same
I've been swept away

I am often amazed at how blessed I am by the sweet girl God has placed in my life. I think back, 17 months ago today, we arrived home from China with our precious AnnaClaire. She became a US citizen. She came home, she came home to the life she lives and loves. Today, 17 months later, LIFE is one word I could describe her as. She is so full of life. She lives life to the fullest and loves every moment she has. She is always happy. Her smile characterizes who she is. I love this little girl so much. It almost seems unfair that I am the one to have such an amazing gift, a sister. However, not just any sister. A sister who is brave, who lost all she ever knew, but who has picked up and blossomed into the most amazing little girl I have ever met... and she's only 2 and a half. A sister that is not related to me by blood, but by love. A sister who was not born in my mom's stomach, but in her heart, and the hearts of my whole family. A sister whom we traveled half way across the world, to Hunan, China, to receive. A sister who I would not trade for anything in the world... I love her so much... almond eyes, silky black hair, flat nose and all. I love her, I love you, AnnaClaire.

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Robin said...

what a sweet message to your little sister! I know she thinks of the world of you too. It showed while we were there visiting! :0)