Saturday, May 10, 2008

Playdate with Maggie!

Today Maggie and AnnaClaire and their mommies met at the park for a play date/picnic. Unfortunately, I had to endure another 6.5 hours of (dreadful)drivers ed. It really is bad. Only one more week and then I'm DONE. Except 4-6 weeks later, I have 12 more hours of BTW (behind the wheel). After that I am free to get my permit... hopefully this summer. After drivers ed, I went with two of my friends to get mother's day presents. We also got Coldstone... amazing. When Dad and AC picked me up, AnnaClaire told me all about her morning with Maggie. She named pretty much everything at the park that they did, ending with, "MONKEY BARS!" She said she, "Had sun playing with MAGGIE!" (yes, sun... she hasn't mastered her f's) I was quite disappointed that I was at drivers ed and couldn't go. Oh well, there will be many more play dates to come, I'm sure! Mom informed me that they were adorable together and they both had a blast. Are they not sooo cute in their matching shirts? (By the way... thanks Mrs. M for taking so many pictures :) can't wait to see the rest!)

We stopped by Wal-Mart to get bark and AnnaClaire asked if I would "singer paint" with her once we got home. She has been asking forever, and I promised her that we would today. She had SO much fun. I'm babysitting right now and I had meant to bring my camera and upload the pictures, but I forgot it. I'll add them once I get home. But anyways, she loved finger painting! She painted 2 beautiful pictures and informed me that the red one was for Mommy. She had so much fun. Last time she finger painted, she didn't want to get messy and used one finger. Not this time. She stuck her whole hands in the paint and both sheets of paper were FILLED with paint. When she was done, her hands were completely red, and it was all over her face, too. She definitely enjoyed herself! We'll have to finger paint more often! After she was done, she helped me wrap Mom's present. She loves to help wrap. She is so good at holding her finger where the ribbon crosses so that I can tie it in a bow!

That's about it. I'll add the finger painting pictures when I get back home!

UPDATE: Finger painting pictures-

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Lexie said...

Eh...drivers ed. :0) I am doing the Parent Taught drivers ed--so its not AS bad...but it takes a lot for me to sit down and work on it.

Cute pictures!!