Monday, May 19, 2008

My Little Red Riding Hood

Thank you for the joy that you bring me every day.
Thank you for the funny things you always say.
Thank you for always smiling, and laughing away.
Thank you for being you because I love you just that way.

I love how today you watched Barney and you wanted to be Little Red Riding Hood just like Baby Bop. We put on your little red bandanna and sang that Grandmothers house song. We made up our own words to tell the Little Red Riding Hood story. You giggled and sang along and pleaded to sing more, instead of going up to take your bath.

I love how you came to pick me up from our track pool party and the whole way home you asked to go in the pool. At one point you said, "I need my bathingsuit! I can't go in the water in my diaper or panties and dress because I will get them all wet when I swim! I need to wear my bathingsuit!" (yes, you said that whole long sentence at once with the right pronouns and everything! You are so smart!) I told you that as soon as it was summer, I would take you to the pool. Satisfied, you agreed but did not stop talking about the pool... it's okay, sweet girl, I'm ready for summer, too!

With that said, only 3 more days of school until exams. I am so excited. Our first exam is on Friday and then they continue next Tuesday-Friday. We get out on May 30! Today was our awards ceremony. I was awarded Honor Roll award, which was exciting :) I am so ready for summer. I feel like it is finally setting in!!

P.S. my ticker just reminded me that we are now 5 months into the wait for Kate. We've been on the IF list for 8 months now.

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Lexie said...

Love the picture and story!

Yay for 5 monthssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think its going by pretty fast...hope that Miss Kate and Karleigh Mei show their lil faces soon!!!!!!!!