Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fun with Summer and Charles!

Annaboo and Summer playing in the sandbox

3 friends playing

They had so much fun together!

Charles is so sweet with AnnaClaire and taught her how to shoot the squirt thing

AnnaClaire loved spraying it!

Then the three little monkeys went on the play set!

But soon they were back to the sand!

Sweet hugs!

Walking back home, happy as could be!

Look familiar? Purple marker on our walls? Yes.

I had to stay at track a little later, so when I called Mom to see where she was, she was at the playground with AC. So I went down and met them there. AnnaClaire was having sooo much fun playing on all the equipment. There were lots of kids there, and she loved playing with them all! When we went home, we were pulling in the driveway when we saw that our neighbors were outside. They have a little girl 6 days older than AnnaClaire, Summer, who AC just loves to play with. Although Summer's parents both work, so AC and she don't get to play too much, whenever they are outisde, we normally go over there for a little playing. So, we went over and Summer, AnnaClaire, and Summer's brother, Charles (who is 6) played all evening. They had so much fun playing together. AC's favorite thing was the sandbox! They had a blast! They also loved playing pirate girls on the swingset. They would just jump up and down, squealing. They were precious!!! It is so fun to see the girls together, as they aren't even a week apart! Charles is also so sweet with the little girls. He was teaching them how to spray the squirt gun. So we had a very fun evening, and Miss Anna Banana was not ready to leave her friends' house! She absolutely loved the sandbox! Will's new "project" is to build one for her in the backyard. She's going to LOVE that, judging from all the fun she had in Summer's sandbox today!

As for the last picture... yes, that is purple marker on our walls. Although I always brag about her... she isn't perfect... Mom said there was much more, but this is all that was left when I got home (she said it came off easily, she just missed this little patch) Anyway... AC got a little disciplined for that and later she told me that she was "naughty" and that "markers go on PAPER!"

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