Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A is for AnnaClaire

AnnaClaire just got this Doodle Pro thing and she LOVES it. She played with it for so long tonight. She wanted to write her name, so I helped her and then I taught her how to draw an "A". She actually got pretty good at it. (See first picture) Keep in mind that she is only 2 1/2!! She loves to draw all over it and then "race" it. (erase) She really loves this thing!

I was recently talking with a friend when we decided that every time our sisters said something cute, we needed to write it down and put it in a special box so we wouldn't forget. This would be one of the things in that box...

(we were talking about Kate today)
"When mei mei come home, she plays kitchens with ME!"
*can't wait for that day*

P.S. if you haven't noticed, I've been working hard to take pictures and post a lot lately. I'm trying to continue this throughout May... although this is going to be a busy month. We do have our conference meet tomorrow for track, so there might be no post for tomorrow. Anyway, there may be a few posts you haven't checked if you haven't been here in a little... I have been posting more than normal. So be sure to scroll down :)

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Lexie said...

So much funn!! I always loved that lil doodle thing!

Yes! I have noticed that you are bloggin alot...and i LOVE it! Keep it up!