Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Peddle boats with Daddy!

Me and my mommy and daddy

petting the animals

riding on the merry-go-round

Me and grandma... this is my "OHHH" face... see my dimples?

First of all, I wanted to remind everyone to continue the prayers for the Chapmans. One of SCC's managers keeps a great blog and has been posting on it often. I urge you to look at it. Under the post titled "Maria's Memorial Service", he mentioned, "some days ahead will be difficult for this family because the rest of the world moves on and forgets." I put a little picture/remembrance of Maria on the sidebar of my blog so that anyone who reads this blog will always be reminded to pray. Yes, the rest of the world will move on. However, this loving family will always have to deal with this tragedy and will need prayers to get through it.

With that said, I figured I should update about whats going on here... Grandma came last week to watch us, because Mom and Dad flew up to Boston. Drew (who goes to college near Boston) left on Friday for a 2.5 week trip to China (with a group of students and professors from his college) so Mom and Dad flew up to help him get ready and drive his car back home. Mom and Dad got home late Saturday night. Drew arrived safely in China and from what I've heard, he's having a great time. Anyway, today Grandma, Mom, and Dad took AnnaClaire to a big park with a petting zoo, train, picnic tables, and peddle boats. They said it was a great time had by all. Here's a few pictures from that.

I had my first exam on Friday (English) and have 4 more the rest of this week. So the next four days, school is from 9-11 and we take an exam the whole time! We get out on Friday, which I am definitely excited for.

Anyway, remember those who have given their lives/service to our country, allowing us to live and have rights that not everyone has! Thank you to all those people! Happy Memorial Day!

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