Sunday, May 4, 2008

What Would We Do Without You?

Today you had so much fun helping Daddy spruce up the yard! You loved playing on the big bags of bark, too!

You were a big help getting all the branches cleared away

Every once in awhile, you'd go inside but then you were right back out with Daddy!

You also posed with your hands on your hips, which is your new thing. Miss Sassy!

You were so excited to eat pizza for dinner!

Sissy even bathed you for over an hour. You were in the bath so long that the water get cold!

You had quite the spa treatment with your hair blow dried and everything! You were ready to pose for a picture!

Then you decided to pull out some of your books to read

But not before playing the rocking game on your chair!

A Fish out of Water is still one of your favorites! Thanks Drew!

I love how when you read, you actually tell the story that is in the book. You memorize all your books. It's so cute!

Reading one of your other favorites, the bicycle book!

You love to read!

Here you are about to do a summersault. You LOVE doing summersaults!

And finally... monkeying around before bed.

And I'm left to ask... What would we do without you?

I love you sweet, sassy, beautiful, smart, loving, caring, funny, kind, busy, tender-hearted, adorable, little girl... my little sister.

I honestly don't know what we'd do all day if we didn't have you.
Life would be so boring.

I am so thankful that God chose for you to be in our family!


Lexie said...

Sweet post. Cute pics! She looks so sweet in her lil pajamas!

Robin said...

Love all those pictures. I can't believe how much AC's new hairdo changes the look of her face. LOVE IT! Such a sweet girl for sure!!