Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2 DAYS!!!!!!

The day after tomorrow, we will be on our way. THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW... 2 DAYS!

Here are some picture of AnnaClaire at the park earlier this month. She loves the park :). This particular park has a HUGE slide and she thought it was just the greatest thing! However, even better than the slide is the teeter totter. She LOVES teeter totters and has nicknamed this park "Teeter Toter Park."

Kate has this outfit, too, and I cannot WAIT to see my two precious mei meis in their matching butterfly dresses... not much longer!

On another note, we got our visas back TODAY. Yes, today. Talk about cutting it close! Thankfully, there were no issues... other than the fact that we did end up having to pay to renew them. Definitely feels good to have our passports in hand again, the day before we leave!

And now for some wedding pictures... there were too many to post them all, so here's collages of them! Enjoy! You can click them to see the photos better.

Above: Sweet AnnaClaire enjoying the wedding!
Above: The wedding ceremony!
Above: Enjoying the reception!
Above: AnnaClaire loving to dance!
Above: AnnaClaire and her new friend, Lexi, hand out petals for the guests to throw at the newlyweds!
Above: family brunch the next morning
I forgot to include this one in a collage. I love this. It's of AnnaClaire and Leah, our cousin's (the twin of the one whose wedding this was) wife. AnnaClaire was the flower girl in Leah and Matthew's wedding last summer. She LOVED Leah! (By the way, Matthew is the one in the above collage in the very bottom picture)

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