Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Early Birthday, Princess!

AnnaClaire opened a few presents tonight since we will be in China for her real birthday (the 27th). We did save a few things that we could bring with us and let her open on her actual birthday. She loved all her things, especially her Dora Doodle Pro from Mia! I mean... look at the face (center picture) I think that will be a real hit on the plane! She LOES MagnaDoodles, and the fact that it had DORA on it made it even better! Her sweet friend Maddy and family sent her the cutest book and a crayon roll. She loved both of those things and the crayon roll is just awesome to stick in her backpack and bring to restaurants with us! Thanks Maddy!! Mia gave a package of things to do on the plane... a princess ColorWonder book with markers, the MagnaDoodle, crayons, a Hello Kitty activity book, stickers, little ponies, etc. Thanks Mia! Grandma sent her a Humble to put on her shelf. The little girl is holding a bunny... perfect for our princess who LOVES her bunny! Happy birthday, sweet princess! Can't wait to celebrate again with you in China!


Wolfes Home said...

Cute! Love her expression in the middle right one. :)

Lexie said...

The pictures are PRICELESS!
We have been trying to find a cute Magna Doodle for our girl. When you get back you'll have to tell me where you got that!!
Y'all are most likely on a plane right now! Eek!!! YAY!