Saturday, October 11, 2008

How bout them LONGHORNS?

We are here and about to leave, but I just had to post... HOW BOUT THEM LONGHORNS?? I'm sure you know we are huge Texas fans in our house (Mom and Dad went there). If not, now you do. Anyway, we were "play by playing" the game on Dad's black berry the whole ride here. We got here right as the 4th quarter started and throughly enjoyed watching Texas upset OU! YEAH TEXAS!!! Poor Sooners!

The pictures are of AC in her Texas outfit last year. It doesn't fit anymore, but I bet it will look really cute on Kate, too!


Sheri - the patient one said...


You have the sweetest blog, I love the design and the photos. So cute! You and your family are getting so close - congratulations.

Sheri - AZ
AWAA - paperchasing

Katie said...

oh dear...ANOTHER longhorn! just kidding! I am all Aggie, through and through! Even in her Longhorn outfit, AC is oh so precious. So excited for your family!

Ally, big sister to Lillyana said...

SO cute! Lilly has a Tennessee Titans cheer outfit. Aren't they the cutest!

Robin said...

ok.. first of all.. is that not the cutest picture of annaclaire in the whole world!!!

Second, we watched the game on saturday. It truly was a great game and congrats to the Texas Longhorns :0)