Thursday, April 8, 2010

Catching up-- updated

First, the mountains on Saturday: (as always, you can click the collages to enlarge)

We had a beautiful day, and the rain even held off for us! We had a wonderful time just as a family... picnicing, seeing the animals, crossing the "Mi*le High Swing*ing Bri*dge, hiking trials, climbing rocks, watching the girls play at the park, and eating ice cream on a bench overlooking the main street of Blow*ing Ro*ck! Yes, it was a wonderful day! UPDATE: A few people asked about my arm in the mountain pictures, so I guess I should explain. I'm not really sure exactly what happened... we thought tendonitis. I had severe pain and could not move my arm, so I had it in a sling, which helped to keep it still and bent- the most comfortable position. It lasted a couple of days last week but it's all good now and there is no pain whatsoever!

Easter Sunday:

I think I've told you everything you could possibly want to know about our Easter... but since they are so stinkin' adorable... here's one more picture :) By the way, someone asked where we got their dresses... they were purchased at a friend of Mom's clothing show for Cast*les and Cro*wns!


We spent the morning down*town w ith Dad and Will, attempting to get Will a new phone before he went back to school and to have a nice lunch. It didn't happen exactly as planned, but it was still a fun day. Kate burst into tears when we dropped Will off at the airport... she loves her big brother!!!! Will, if you are reading this, the girlies are already ready for you to come back home! Oh and we, of course, bought our van!


We played at the park with the girlies' sweet friend Mia. I joined along this time, determined to get a good picture of these three sweeties. I posted my favorite in the last post, but here's 2 others (and a few other pictures.) The girls always love to get together with Mia, and Mom, of course, loves having a friend who shares her same "coke in a styrofoam cup" addiction.


We enjoyed another very warm day and the girls even got to have a little picnic outside! They also helped Mom wrap gifts and headed off to a 4th birthday party for twin boys from our Church! They had such a fun time... went to a park and got to meet a police officer and see inside the car! AnnaClaire now has a new found obsession with handcuffs. How did this prissy little thing become so in love with boy toys?!

And finally, today. Well there are no pictures from today. But, I did find a prom dress, so that was exciting :)

And there you have it... a catch up on what has been going on here for the last week!!


Julie said...

Sounds like the past few days have been fun! Is your arm okay? I noticed a sling on it in the pictures from the mountains, but I didn't see it on in the Easter I'm guessing it's not that bad?

Julie said...

oh ok. I'm glad it's better now! :)

Kristi said...

Ah, ice cream on Main Street. I can't wait for our yearly trek to the mountains at Memorial Day for ours! I love seeing pictures of your family just hanging out together. You guys just make me so happy!

TanyaLea said...

Love the collages. But those ADORABLE bishop dresses the girls are wearing for Easter are absolutely gorgeous...and look even better on such beautiful little models! I love it when they are wearing matching cute!

That photo of them on the picnic table is cute, too... looks like an ad for Chik-fil-a!! ;)

Janet and Kevin said...

Great pictures of fun family times. Your posts always make me smile with all of your sweet time together. Hope your arm is fully healed.

In Christ,
Janet and gang