Friday, February 8, 2008

"Everybody loves you!"

Jumping on the bed

Blurry but cute

Happy girl with her Bunny

I WON'T smile for the camera!

Okay. Fine.

With my music clock

Making it sing

Cooking breakfast

Me and Bunny eating the breakfast I cooked at the table

Sending off the present with a kiss

First of all I'm going to have to say that I've enjoyed a week home. I HAVEN'T enjoyed being sick at all, but it's been nice having some time with AnnaClaire (although I've had to kinda stay away from her so she won't get sick). She knows she can't kiss me, so every day she asks if I'm "All better, Sissy?" when I say, "no", she says, "Get all done sick!" and instead of a kiss, she will hug my legs and give them a kiss and then blow me a kiss. This morning, when she got up she ran in my room and was talking to me and I asked her if she wanted to get on my bed with me. So she asked if I was all better. I told her not quite but that I was feeling a lot better. So she got on the bed with me and we looked at her friends on the computer. We were looking at Maddy and she was eating noodles and AnnaClaire goes, "Maddy eating NOODLES!" Then she started jumping on the bed. She would count to ten (skipping six and seven) and then go JUMP and jump. She just completely cracked herself up. Mom came in and AC showed Mom and then she got dressed. Mom had her dress laid out on the bed and AnnaClaire noticed a heart on it. She pointed to the heart and said, "Jesus loves you! Heart!" Of course that made her want to sing the "Jesus song". Oh my goodness, she just melts my heart when she sings Jesus Loves Me. I got a video of her doing it for your viewing pleasure.

We then went downstairs for breakfast. She wanted to cook breakfast for Mom, Bunny, and us. So she did. She set the table and put Bunny in a chair and pushed our chairs in and made us noodles and cookies. After we enjoys our breakfast from AnnaClaire, Mom asked her if she wanted cereal and applesauce. She did, so she ran in the pantry and grabbed her apple sauce and rice cereal which she enjoyed. She helped me wrap a present, sealed it with a kiss, and left with Mom to run something by school. She was so excited to go to school. She requested that she, "Get out school and see everyone!" Mom told her that she could because, "Everyone wants to see AnnaClaire!" AnnaClaire's response was too funny... "EVERYBODY LOVES YOU!" (you as in her.) when Mom and I started laughing, she once again says, "EVERYBODY LOVES YOU!"

I think you're right, baby.. Everybody loves you!


Robin said...

What a big girl AnnaClaire is!! She is talking so well!! Maddy does not talk that well yet but I have to keep reminding myself she has onlyl been hearing English for 4 months.

For some reason the pictures did not load for me so I'll check back in later tonight.

Big Hugs AnnaClaire!!

Ally, big sister to Lillyana said...

that is the cutest thing ever!!
I love how she said goodbye camera!

Melanie said...

She's so right! everyone loves her!
I just fell in love with that video, I can believe your heart melts each time she sings it!!!
I love the way she says "love" LOL
I love her outfit it's adorable!

Jenn said...

Aww! So sweet! That is so true, EVERY BODY LOVES YOU! Haha! Love the cute! Looks like she is ready for Valentines Day!
Y'all have a great weekend!

Jenn said...

Oh darn....i just accidently commented from my moms! Urgh...sorry! Its me Lexie, from!
My bad!!

Katie said...

thanks for sharing the video. too cute!