Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Five Day Weekend

First of all, sorry for the few and short posts lately... Let my tell you about my weekend and maybe you'll understand my lack of posting...

Firs of all, we had a five day weekend. On Wednesday after school I went home with my friend, went straight to youth group, then a few of us went home with my friend Leah and had a sleepover. Thursday morning (Valentines Day) I had school swim practice and was home enough to clean my room before going to the mall with a couple friends for my friend, Ellie's birthday party. That was really fun! We slept over and I was at her house all day Friday. I got home right before dinner and Mom wasn't feeling great, so Dad, AC, and I ate at Qdoba and ran a few errands. We got home and put AnnaClaire to bed and just stayed home all night. The next morning (Saturday) I got up early and went to my old swim club to meet a few friends and we went out to breakfast and walked around our big shopping center before going to my friend, Gillian's house for the day. We watched lots of good movies, and just had fun together. I hadn't seen most of my "swim" friends in quite a few months, so it was really fun and nice to finally see them again! I was home most of Sunday working on all the makeup work I missed while being sick. I also had a missions trip meeting (I'll get into that in a minute) and straight from there I went to a school swimming states team dinner. I went to bed early that night and woke up at 5:30 on Monday and our states team headed to Raleigh for states! We had an awesome time and did great! Both our girls and boys teams won! That was really exciting!!!!!!! We all did really well and had a great time both cheering and swimming. Our girls team won by 5 points, so it was really close. Our guys won by about 30, so they crushed. It was really exciting and a great way to end our season! We didn't get home until after 8! Today it was back to reality and once again back to school. It seemed to go by really slowly. Swimming is over, we have our last team dinner tomorrow. Track started today and that should be fun!

Did I mention I'm going to Romania? That's what the missions trip meeting was all about. In July, a team of highschoolers from our church will be going to Romania for 2 and a half weeks! I am so excited. We are going to run a camp for orphans and other Romanian kids.

Other than that everything is great. AnnaClaire is doing well and feeling much better. She still has a few sniffles, a little cough, a hoarse voice, etc, but she is feeling MUCH better and is MUCH more herself. Thank you for all you prayers on her behalf!

A new favorite song is the "I Love You Song" (You know... the one from Barney?) She absolutely loves singing it (although she's never seen Barney!) She's so cute when she sings it and always raises her hand up for a hug at the "great big hug" part and saying, "AND A GREAT BIG KISS, TOO!" She's so cute.

On another note, today is our TWO month LID-versary for Kate! (It's kinda nice finding out so late, because it had already been close to 2 months!) Although this really doesn't mean much since we are going SN, it is still exciting. For those who asked, we honestly have no idea when to even expect a referral. We requested a baby girl, 0-12 months, so we could be waiting awhile. Many people have switched to SN because of the long wait, so we really have no idea when our referral may come. We are just praying soon, because we are all ready! We've been on the IF list since September. We are really hoping to travel sometime this year, or early next year, but at this point have no idea. For now, we pray and wait. We pray for Kate, born or unborn, for her birth parents, her nannies, and her heart to be prepared for us, whenever the time comes. Please pray along with us!

No pictures for now, as I haven't really taken many. I will post a picture of our states team with our trophies when I get some, which will hopefully be tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Special needs... I'm curious if you would mind sharing what AC's special need is, and what level of special needs your family is willing to take on?

Robin said...

Just wanted to say congrats on the swim team getting to go to state!

So glad AnnaClaire is feeling better. That croup bug was awful I tell you.

Romania sounds pretty neat. It will be exciting to read about your adventure there.

Elise said...

Sounds like a fun filled long weekend! Happy 2 month LID!!!

We are checking into SN with our agency now...I am almost done with school so the timing is right but like you, I hope the wait be too long since others are doing the same thing!

Give AnnaClaire a hug from the Liptack family!!!

Lexie said...

Wow! 2 months!!
So glad to hear that AC is better!
Romania sounds amazing!!! Can't wait to hear more about it!

I sent you and email a week or so ago...but I am thinking that it might have gotten in your junk (cause I don't email you that often), or perhaps I have the wrong email, or maybe you are super busy and havn't gotten around to doing this (I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND IF THIS IS THE CASE! no worries.)
BUT if you don't know, my new blog is www.lexiesmeimei.blogspot.com. You have my old one under your links. I changed it to lexiesmeimei.blogspot.com for privacy reasons. So whenever you get the chance, and if you don't mind...could you change it to lexiesmeimei.blogspot.com under your links??

Thanks SO much!!

Anonymous said...

grr. you beat us in states!! haha
good job em!! so happy ac's feeling all good now. il talk to ya laterr!
-lizzy c

Ashton said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!