Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pink Toes and Pink Potties!


Sweet pedicured feet!

Eating her prized chocolate chips after going on the potty!

She was so proud of herself!

Trying potty again before bathtime (with no luck) but isn't her pink potty cute?

On Sunday after Church, I was clipping AnnaClaire's toenails and I was thinking about nailpolish. I realized AnnaClaire has never had her nails painted! So afterwards, I let her pick a color (she picked hot pink) and I painted her little toes. She was so excited and just kept admiring them. When Mom got home from the grocery store, AnnaClaire ran over and stuck her feet out, one at a time, to show Mom. She has been showing everyone she sees her "pink toes!" (Like I mean, she has made me take off her tights so she could show some of my friends at school yesterday!) I think they are a big hit. I'll have to paint them for her more often! In other news, she used the potty again. Well first of all I want you to know that she is not potty trained. I've had a few comments of people saying stuff about her being potty trained. She's not. We're working on it, but she is very stubborn and it's definitely taking time. The last time she went on the potty was like 3 weeks ago and she has wanted nothing to do with it since. Yesterday we were talking about it and naming all kinds of people, and her friends, who are using their potties. She decided she wanted to use hers and after a few minutes, she went! She got chocolate chips and got to pick out panties (pink) and got to wear them the rest of the day! We were very proud of her! Of course, now she's back to wanting nothing to do with the potty. Yesterday and today she has kept her diaper dry from when Mom changes her in the morning until she goes down for her nap (8:30ish-1:30ish) She just doesn't want her potty. Speaking of which, we got a potty for upstairs and it's PINK! How cute!


Catherine said...

What fun pink toes! Ahhh...the joys of potty training. Hopefully AC soon realizes that potty time is much nicer than wet diapers. Fun, fun times!

Robin said...

LOVE those pink toenails. So girlish :0) Sorry about the no potty chair luck. However.. how awesome that she is staying dry all morning. I'm sure it won't be long before the potty chair becomes popular :0)

jeanette said...

the pink potty is definitely cute! but not as cute as those precious pink little toes! :)

Holly said...

Awww LOVE the pink potty! We're having the same problem potty training too. It seems like one day Gracie is interested in it and the next wants nothing to do with it.

Katie said...

I love it that AnnaClaire loves pink!! She gets more beautiful every day.

Elena said...

Emma Grace is still not completely potty trained and she is 5 years old. She wears a pull up at night but can wear under wear during the day. She still wets her pants at least twice a month. Anna Claire will learn it eventually. She looks adorable with her pink toenails.