Sunday, February 3, 2008

Little Mouse & China's Weather

As most of you probably know by now, China is having terrible winter weather and it is really effecting the orphanages. Half the Sky is doing so much to help, and they have started a fund called the Little Mouse Emergency Fund where you can donate money toward the disaster. AnnaClaire having lived in an orphange affiliated with Half the Sky, this really jumped out at me and I thought I should post. What you may not realize is that people are trapped in their homes, without electricity, snowed in, unable to go pretty much anywhere. Prices are going up and food is hard to get. While this is tough for a family in China, imagine an orphanage. Take Chenzhou (where AnnaClaire is from, and the HTS orphanage in the worst state). They haven't had electricity or running water for 8 days. They are running out of food. Thankfully they were able to have rice delivered to them. There are 20 sick babies in their care, but the hospital is closed. There are workers doing all they can to help the babies recover. They are even buying things with their own money to help these children and others living in the orphanage. This is just one of the many examples of what's happening in China right now. They need help. If you can make a donation, you can do so through the Half the Sky website. But more importantly they need prayer. I especially feel for the families waiting for children from China. I realize you must be extremely worried and know I have you children in my prayers.

Following is an email from HTS. If you want to know more, go here for an updated listing of the current state of all the HTS orphanages.

Dear, dear friends – Your response in answer to our appeal for the Little Mouse Emergency Fund is astounding. Everyone that we have spoken with today in China who is dealing with this crisis has asked us to pass on deepest thanks for your concern and love for the children.

And we at Half the Sky are simply overwhelmed by your generosity. I’ve spent much of today in tears just thinking about how much love there is out there for these children who so often seem forgotten. Clearly, you have remembered them! We expect to have a break in the weather tomorrow and then more storms moving in on Tuesday. We hope to use the brief window to get some direct relief to the orphanages that need it most desperately, especially in towns without power where no funds can be wire-transferred.

We will be receiving a list of orphanages with urgent needs by noon tomorrow (Monday here in China.) There are 20 in Hunan Province alone. We have made arrangements to wire funds directly wherever possible and promised anyone who’s using their personal funds right now to care for the children that they will be reimbursed promptly. All institutions receiving funds will provide us with receipts and photographs of items purchased. Here are a few updates. This list will grow substantially tomorrow. You can check our website for the very latest news and full details.


Lexie said...

Thanks for posting this!! It makes my heart break for our babies that our over there right now...

I will be praying for China's orphanages!

Jie Jie to Sarah Lu and Chayah Ru said...

I was thinking about AnnaClaire when I heard about Chenzhou's current state. Praying for all of the children and all of the people who are affected by that!!! We have winter storms, but nothing compared to that. This past week I have been really annoyed at the weather with all of the snow, and then I hear about this again and all I can think is how blessed I am to have a house and heat! Praying for China!!!!!!