Saturday, February 9, 2008

A not-so typical Saturday

Watching Bunny go round and round in the washer

Bunny getting all clean!

I discovered thin mints today!

I think I like them. A lot.

We spent our whole mid morning at the doctor. Got there at 11:00. Finally got called back at 12:30. Left at 1:30. We ate at Qdoba on the way (we met a sweet grandmother and her daughter, Irene, who was a month older than AnnaClaire and adorable!!) By the time we got home it was 2:30. Oh and yes, we went to the doctor on Thursday... well I still haven't gotten any better so we went back. What do I have? A flu-like virus that's not the flu. Did I mention that it lasts TWO WEEKS? Ugh. Dad has it, too. Not fun. AnnaClaire was so good. I kinda felt like the envy of everyone. We were sitting in the waiting room and AC was sitting happily on the chair, eating goldfish and pointing at pictures in various magazines. All the other kids are screaming, fighting, and being wild throughout the packed waiting room. I sometimes feel like I'm the one who is thinking, "Uhh. Why won't AnnaClaire just be still like that girl over there?" But not today... we couldn't have asked for more from her this trip to the doctor! When we got home Bunny was all clean and she was so excited to retrieve her from the dryer. She grabbed her out and just smelled her, hugged her, and kissed her. It was the cutest thing. She definitely missed her Bunny during out morning activities (if you would call them that.) She napped decently and after she woke up she ran to the park with Mom. This was decided on the car ride to the dr. It went something like this...

"Mall please, Mommy."
"No, we have to take Sissy to the doctor so we can't go to the mall now."
"Please Mommy, mall!"
(Mom had been planning on going in the morning but when she had to take me to the dr, she decided to go during naptime and take AnnaClaire to the park afterwards.)
"Okay. Well you can pick either the mall or the park."
"Hmmm. PARK!"
"Okay. We will go to the park after naptime."

10 minutes later.

"PLEASEEEEEEEE Mommy, mall!"
"I thought you wanted to go to the park!"
"No. Mall."
"Okay, we'll go to the mall."

She ended up going to the park.

She came home and colored quietly until dinner. She went off to bed with kisses and hugs for all.

Oh and even an "I love you!" to Sissy! :)

P.S. I realized the pictures weren't showing up on my "Everybody loves you" post a few posts down. I went back and fixed that so they work now. Be sure to check them out, they're really cute!


Lauren said...

I hope you feel better soon! Ive been sick for a week now and I can't wait to feel better.

Allison said...

Oh man, I am in the same boat as you. We are going to the doctor here in a minute. The flu is HORRID. I hope Maggie and AC stay well. Feel better soon.