Saturday, March 1, 2008

Piggy tails!

AnnaClaire's hair has gotten so long! I love the length it is now! So, lately I've been playing with it seeing if it would fit into pigtails! We can get almost all of it up with just a little in the back!! I think she's just adorable with her piggy tails! She definitely loved them, too. Aren't they cute?

Compare to her very first pigtails in January 2007!


Brittany said...

Ohh that is just the cutest
She is growing up so much,since January '07
Hey Emily Happy Early Birthday
PS:Email Me

Melanie said...

wow! AC has got piggy tails! She looks so cute!!:)

Anonymous said...

Are you going to set-up a website for Kate? Who knows, you could receive her referral any time, and I remember how you set-up your website before you had Anna CLare's referral. I am anxious to read all about Kate!!

Robin said...

YEAH!!! LOVE Love Love those double the fun pigtails!

Lexie said...

So cute!! Gotta love em!

Lisa said...

AnnaClaire is as beautiful as ever. Love her Piggy Tails. I can't wait for LilyRose's hair to grow a little longer so she can have those cute Piggy Tails too.

Tell your mom I said hello.


Katie said...

what adorable piggy's you have annaclaire! you are growing up so much!!

2 China 4 Addison said...

the piggies are adorable! I just can't believe the difference from the first picture, though. She has grown up SO much!

Anonymous said...

Anna Claire has grown up so much those piggies are so cute!