Monday, March 3, 2008

Big Airplane for Baby Kate!

Since AnnaClaire was sick during Chinese New Year, I never got a chance to get pictures of her in her Chinese outfit! So finally, she is completely better, and we had a nice day. So I took her outside and got some pictures this weekend. I took a ton and have lots of good ones, but here's one for now as I don't have much time to blog. Oh by the way did I mention that this is the same outfit that she wore in China... except a 4?? In China, she wore this exact same outfit in a ONE! How my girl has grown! Oh and doesn't her hair look so cute in her little buns?

So anyway, what I really made this post for...

Lately we have been talking about Kate to AnnaClaire. Here's how a few of our conversations have went. Sometimes she even brings Kate up!

"AnnaClaire are you excited to be a big sister and go get Kate?"
"On the big airplane! To China! Just like me!"
"Yes, but it will still be a few months... maybe when you are 3!"
"When I THREE!"
10 minutes later as we are getting ready for her nap

and then...

"You are eating congee just like you did in CHINA!"
"Go to China! On the big airplane! Get KATE!"


"Sissy sit withu in airplane cart!"
"No, Sissy is too big. But when Kate comes home, she can sit by you in the cart!"
"Anna sit Kate!"


"When Kate comes home you can show her all your toys and things you like to do!"
"YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anna Kate!"
"Are you excited to be a big sister?"

(she was at the park in this riding toy thing that has two seats)
"Kate sit right here!"

Gotta love her. Oh yeah.. are we anxious to get Miss Kate's referral and bring her home or what?

Oh and one time I forget exactly what we were talking about, but we got on the topic of China, and AnnaClaire yells, "GOT ANNACLAIRE!" Yes baby, you became ours in the beautiful land of China!


Robin said...

that is so cool how well AnnaClaire is talking! (and with such clarity) Love her little pigtails and buns. Her hair has gotten so very long.

I hope your referral for Kate comes soon. I know you are all excited!

KH said...

Love your site and your family is so special. AC is so cute!
Quick question, what camera do you use again? I remember you posted about it a while back when you got it but can't remember.....

Ashton said...

That is so neat- How she carries on the conversation about her new mei mei!! I can't wait to see what she thinks when she is on that big airplane to china!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily my name is Austyn and I met your mom Saturday at the homecoming of Maia Faith Mrs.Dana Edminsten's baby I think your sister is so cute and I know it is odd I am talking to you like this after all you dont even know me anyways I wanted to meet you but your mom said you were at a Youth event I have an adopted brother from Korea and his name is Stephen but Mrs.Dana says great things about you she and my mom are very good friends Your mom and my mom met in case your mom doesn't know my name! Sorry I just wanted to let you know so you didn't think I was a stranger I am but I know your mom and Mrs.Dana if you have any questions! Anna Claire is so so cute! I pray for her every night!
Thanks again.
Sorry I am new at the whole blogging thing!

Lexie said...

Hey! How cute!! I just love all of her little things that she said! So funny!
That will be so fun for Kate and AnnaClaire to look back on whenever they are older!

Steffie B. said...

That is just precious! ;) She is too cute!