Saturday, March 22, 2008

Decorating Easter Eggs!

My friend left late afternoon today. We had a really fun time with her. Yesterday her, two other friends, and I walked around old memorable sites and had a picnic at the park. It was actually really fun! Then last night about ten of us went to the mall and had dinner. Afterwards we went in the hot tub and had a huge game of hide and seek in the dark. It was so fun. We had ice cream sundaes and had a sleep over. We had a fun time. In the morning slowly people started leaving. A few of us stayed until Rachel left, too. We decorated easter eggs and just hung around. It was really fun but sad to see her go. Anyway, once I got home I decorated Easter eggs with AC. It was really fun. AnnaClaire really did enjoy herself as she plopped them in the dye. After they were dry, we decorated them with Easter stickers. They turned out really pretty. She was really proud of her Easter eggs and counted them all after she decorated them! Here's a few collages with pictures from decorating them. Oh by the way: yes, she has on different pajamas in the second collage. We had a little accident with the dye and her nightgown was drenched with yellow dye. Thankfully, it all came out, as her nightgown is our favorite.

here's a picture of a bunch (although not all) of us on Friday night!

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