Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sweet Maia!

Today we had lunch with "the ladies." AnnaClaire was so excited! We went to Chickfila and everyone was there. She had soooo much fun. After eating, Emma Grace, Alex, Jacob, and AnnaClaire went on the playplace and played for the longest time.The whole morning, AnnaClaire had been asking to play at Chickfila, so she definitely enjoyed herself. She also loved playing with kids! As for us, we got to meet Maia! She just came home from Vietnam and she is adorable! Her family is adopting Aliana from China, but did a concurrent adoption through Vietnam. As you can tell from the pictures, little Maia is just adorable. She's seven months old! AnnaClaire was definitely jealous when Mom or I held Maia. Most of the time, she was out playing, but she would come in every once and awhile (I think to make sure we weren't holding Maia.) one time, she ran in and I was holding Maia. She went crazy. "SISSY HOLDU! SISSY HOLDU!" Others offered to hold her, but she wanted SISSY. Mom took Maia so I could hold AnnaClaire and guess what... "MOMMY HOLDU, MOMMY HOLDU!" So I held AnnaClaire and Maia! At first, AnnaClaire was smiling for pictures and fine. But then she got kinda mad that I was holding Maia too. She wanted her OFF. (you can definitely see that in her face in the picture of the three of us on my camera.) So our girl has a little jealousy issue... we'll need to work on that before we get Kate :). All in all we had a really fun time. AnnaClaire was so excited to see Emma Grace again. She always loves playing with her friend! She also had a lot of fun with the boys, who normally aren't there!


Robin said...

I just had to comment here because Maddy also says "holdu" whenever she wants someone to hold her. We've gotten to the point now were when we pick her up we ask her if she is going to hold us or not..
:0) Love it!!

Brittany said...

Lauren does the same thing and if she is not she has a melt down.
Now does she call you Jie Jie?