Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cut Out Cookies

I had told Miss Bu that we would bake cookies after her nap. While she slept, Mom and I ran to the mall quick to find a dress for me. I got two new ones! :) When we got back, AnnaClaire was up and ran downstairs reminding me that we were going to make cookies. We washed hands and I cleaned her rolling pin and we made cut out cookies! We had a fun time! We used her letter cookie cutters that she got for her birthday. This was the first time she ever made cut out cookies, and she had a fun time doing it... or should I say eating dough? :) By the time we were done, she was covered head to tow in flour. She definitely enjoyed herself! Not only that, but we have some delicious cookies! Cut out cookies really are the best. (Notice Kate's name in the names we spelled out in cookies? Can't wait!! Speaking of which, we've been logged in 3 months today!!!)


Catherine said...

What fun times! It's neat how you included Kate's name. It's easy to see how much AnnaClaire enjoyed herself just by checking out her beaming smile.

Robin said...

those alphabet cookie cutters are pretty cool! AnnaClaire looks like she had a great time with her big sissy!

Jeanette said...

VERY cute!!!! What a great idea making all of your names out of the cookies! You are such a wonderful big sister. AnnaClaire (and Kate!) is so blessed to have you!

Congrats on your 3 month LID!!!