Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Will!

Today's Will's 17th birthday! Happy birthday Will!

No Easter pictures today... we go back to school tomorrow and I'm busy with that fact. All day I worked on support letters for my mission's trip to Romania this summer. I finally finished, after working from 11-5. I'm sending out about fifty! Anyway, by the time I finished with those, we left for Outback for Will's birthday dinner. He got lots of money, a Chickfila giftcard from Drew, AC, and me, an an iPod. After our delicious dinner, we went to the mall so he could get the iPod he wanted. Then it was back home for chocolate butterfinger carmel cake! YUM. I think he had a good birthday!

On the potty front: AnnaClaire went potty a total of FIVE times today! She kept her panties dry all afternoon! She went on quite a few errands and kept them dry. She also wore them to dinner and kept them dry! She has done SOOO well! Sadly, at this point she will only go for me, and I go back to school tomorrow...

I'll try my hardest to add those other cute Easter pictures soon. I'm back to my busy schedule, so I can't promise tomorrow, but I'll try to get them up then.

P.S. Our beautiful spring weather from the weekend, where I was walking around in short sleeves and bare feet has disappeared. We're back to our cold 50s, which is nothing to some of you guys, but when over the weekend, it was 70, it's not fun at all!

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jeanette said...

Happy Birthday Will!
Butterfinger caramel cake? I think I need that recipe!

YAY AnnaClaire for staying dry-that's HUGE! :)