Friday, March 28, 2008

On the potty front...

She's doing SO well. She has been wearing panties all week and minus a few accidents here and there, she'd doing awesome!! Today was the first time she wore panties ALL day, keeping them clean and dry the whole time! (Of course she's still in diapers at nap/bed.) She goes every single time she sits on the potty, even if it's just a little!! The only problem is she won't tell us when she needs to go. But anyway, I'm so proud of her!! She's doing so great with her potty training!

By the way, don't you love her cute new dress?

Today's my grandma's birthday.. (yeah, we have our share of birthdays the last wek of March... Will's is the 24, Grandma's the 28, mine is the 31!) Happy birthday Grandma! She's here so we celebrated at Bucas. It was delicious. AnnaClaire definitely enjoyed her fettichine and chocolate cake! On the way home, we were talking and all of a sudden she starts rubbing my head and says, "I love you Sissy!" She wasn't even prompted or anything.. she just said it! :)

I have a few more pictures to add. She has adorable spring dresses and she's finally getting to start wearing them! Of course we're getting cold weather this weekend... ugh.

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Robin said...

Hip Hip Hooray! Your Bu is getting to be such a big girl!!! And how sweet is it that she shoes genuine love of her own will now. I know that you made you feel oh so special! :0)