Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hosanna! Hosanna!

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Last week at Bible Study, AnnaClaire's class celebrated Palm Sunday with palm branches! Not only that, but they also made stick donkeys to ride! When I got home from school, AnnaClaire was so excited to show me her donkey and wave her palm branch. They would wave them and yell, "HOSANNA! HOSANNA!" Mom said she picked AC up a little early and they were still waving their palm branches when she got there. She said AnnaClaire was very into it and waved hers very happily while excitedly saying, "Hosanna!" AnnaClaire always gets really into whatever she's doing :) Oh and she's so cute with her stick donkey, too. Before dinner, we went outside and she rode it around the backyard, waved her palm branch, and had a really fun time swinging (which she hadn't done in awhile!)

Check below... I finally posted the CNY pictures!

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