Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kate it is!

Although we aren't buying clothes quite yet (waiting for the fall stuff and also we already have lots of "hand-me-downs" for Miss Kate), we are buying other things. One of our very favorite things with AnnaClaire has been her little backpack. It was a baby shower gift and we use it all the time. So, we just had to get one for Kate! We also got her a bib. AnnaClaire has this same bib with her name in green. It is definitely one of our favorite bibs of hers. We just love monogrammed stuff :). Anyway.... her name is officially Kate. Once you have it monogrammed on stuff, there really is no going back. It was pretty much Kate all along, although Dad still loves "Katie Mei!"

On another note, it was a week ago that we were scurrying around to get everything done after getting Kate's referral. I continue to be amazed with how much God blessed us. If you don't remember me mentioning, Kate came off of a shared list. I've been reading quite a few threads about shared lists and I am truly amazed that our shared list experience went as smoothly as it did. The fact that we were actually matched and able to lock our sweet girl, is now something I see as a miracle in and of itself. For that, I am thankful. God is so good! Now we just need to bring that sweet girl HOME!


Shelley said...

Yipee Kate!!! Love the backpack by the way

Keri said...

I love the backpack! It is adorable. Are you taking it to China? Katie Mei is cute and may just be something that sticks with her daddy. James calls Laura, Laura Belle.