Sunday, June 1, 2008

These are the days

Where has this weekend gone? Thankfully I don't have to get up at 6:20 in the morning for school tomorrow! Oh, how I love summer! Yesterday was Wachovia Day at our minor league baseball team's game. Dad, Mom, and AnnaClaire headed out there to enjoy a fun night of baseball. (I was at our pool opening party and didn't go.) I think we have a baseball girl! She had so much fun. I gave Dad my very old camera (Drew has Dad's camera in China) to take pictures... when I asked him for the camera later that night, there were oh... 3 pictures on it. Oh well, at least he took some. I'm sure there will be many baseball games to come because this girl had a BLAST (and looked so cute in her Lilly dress doing so!)... plus 2 and under are free! Tonight she said, "Anna see baseball again?" Oh yes.. we'll be back! Some of my best memories of being little were going to baseball games with Dad. One time, Dad took all three of us to Atlanta for a weekend and we went to 3 Braves games. I will never forget that. The Braves were my all time favorite (I have no idea why). I remember collecting all these baseball cards of all the Braves players. Chipper Jones was my favorite... I even put his card in a special case :). (that's what big brothers do to you!)

Anyway... I had been promising AC all weekend that I would take her to the pool, so after Church, we packed our lunches and AnnaClaire and I went to the pool for awhile. The whole way there she talked about how "Sissy jump in" and then "Anna jump in too... LOTS and LOTS!" We ate a good lunch and then went in. She jumped and jumped and jumped some more. She just loved to jump in! She also liked to swim around. We would throw a ball and then swim over to it. She loved that. She even went under water a couple of times! Of course the baby pool is fun, too because she can be free in it! She had a very, very fun time at the pool and was very sad to leave. There will be lots of pool days this summer, AnnaClaire! I promise! Unfortunately, my camera is now completely broken and won't even turn on anymore, so the only picture I have from the pool is a not-so-good one taken on my phone. Oh well, I'll share it anyway, as there has to be a picture from the first pool day of the year! I so remember being at the pool with her last year. I am so excited for a summer full of pool fun once again. This year well be even funner as she's a whole year older!

After her nap, we headed to our friend's son's graduation party. Lots of our neighbors were there are we had a good time. They had On the Border cater and had an AMAZING guitar cake. I wish I had a picture of that cake... it was AMAZING (and tasted as good as it looked). There were lots of little girls there and AnnaClaire had a fun time. There was a little beanbag game and all the little ones got prizes for making the beanbags into the "goals." AnnaClaire picked a ball and a bracelet. She loved playing catch with her new ball after that! She also loved making new friends with all the people there! We then walked over to our sweet friends' house and Sadie, Liz, and I watched a movie while our moms and dads talked... and AnnaClaire chased Millie (the dog) around. We didn't end up getting home until close to 10 so it was a late night for Miss Annaboo!

Oh as for the camera situation- I am hopefully getting my new one before Thursday, as I HAVE to have a camera for our trip this week (and I have enough money)! We leave on Thursday!

P.S.- thanks for all the input as for the new family camera!! It really has been helpful. I will make sure to let you know which one we end up getting :)


Brittany said...

Lucky i still ahve a month of school
Anyway i love the first two pics.

Lauren said...

The pictures are just adorable!! I love summer pool days!!