Monday, June 2, 2008

Memory Lane

Our little American-Chinese girl before our Consulate Appt- 12/19/06

A beautiful day at a park in Guangzhou. 12/18/06
This was right before we went to a group dinner with our travel group at the Banana Leaf. It was very good Thai food and we had a very fun time. They also had dancing and all the waiters and waitresses would come and grab people to dance with. All the while, AnnaClaire loved dancing to the music and took on the nickname "Latino Girl" from our travel group!

Red Couch! (Claire, AnnaClaire, Kenzie, Bekah) 12/19/06

A few of the Dads and the girls (Sarah Lu, Bekah, AnnaClaire, Claire, and Kenzie) from our travel group. Our family and Bekah's family had just gotten back from McDonalds when we found Claire and Kenzie running around in their new squeaky shoes. Sarah Lu opened the door and joined in. The girls had so much fun just running around in their squeaky shoes. 12/16/06

A sweet daddy-baby picture before going to dinner! 12/16/06

I was talking to Drew tonight (morning in China) and he told me that they were in Guangzhou. It really made me think back to when we were in Guangzhou- almost 18 months ago! Drew told me that it is probably his least favorite place they've been in China... understandable as it is so Americanized. However, I really did enjoy our time in Guangzhou (probably because we were with our travel group once again and shopped ALL THE TIME!) But I do agree with Drew that Guangzhou is very Americanized. I definitely liked being in Hunan the best when we were there. So anyway, I went to our website and found some pictures of when we were in Guangzhou with AnnaClaire. I have some really great memories from being there. I cannot wait to go back when we get Kate!! China is my favorite place I have ever been and I am so anxious to go back. It's hard to believe it's almost been a year and a half since we were last there, adopting Miss AnnaClaire! She was so little, only 13 months old... just look at the pictures! I cannot believe how big she has gotten!

So... a little stroll down memory lane in Guangzhou. We really did have an amazing trip to China and a GREAT travel group, too!

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