Friday, June 20, 2008

Meeting Amy!

Mom's "chatty sister", Amy is here for a big conference this weekend so Mom, AnnaClaire, and I drove up to meet her! We had a really fun time. We went to Chickfila because Amy had NEVER been there! (I don't think our family would survive without Chickfila!) We had a very fun time talking in person, finally! Although we've "known" Amy for 2 years, we hadn't yet met her. We had a very fun afternoon and were sad to bring her back to her hotel for the conference! Amy- can't wait to see you again! Maybe next time, we can meet sweet Sara, too! We were also able to meet another sweet lady, who we discovered lives very nearby! She has a 4 year old from the same city that Kate is in!! We definitely had a wonderful morning!

We were right by our big outlet mall, so we ran there afterwards. Well first, we went to Babies R Us to get an umbrella stroller. We got a really fun one... lime green with big blue and pink polka dots! It well be perfect to take to China with, especially because it has a travel bag. While we will eventually get a double stroller, we won't be using a stroller for Kate in China (baby carrier only... that's what we did for AC, too). AnnaClaire will definitely need one, though. Plus, we don't want to bring a really nice stroller to China. So yeah. We then ran to the mall... or Strasburg atleast. They are having a big sale!! We got AnnaClaire a really cute dress and her baptismal dress. We had bought her a beautiful one before we got her but when we brought her home, we were in the midst of trying out new churches, so we didn't get her baptized. Our Church (we've been there since I was in 1st grade!) ended up changing things around and we liked it much better, so while we are back there, AnnaClaire has still not been baptized. Now, we are unsure if we will be baptizing the little girls together or separate. Kate will wear the dress we had originally gotten for AnnaClaire, as it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. AnnaClaire's new one is gorgeous. I absolutely love it. Anyway, she will either get baptized in August (by herself) or in January (with Kate). Either way, her dress is beautiful and I cannot wait for you to see her in it! But really, it's not the dress that matters! Lastly, we got Easter dresses for next year. Yes, way in advance. However, we loveeeee them. We had actually ordered for AnnaClaire this year, but it was backordered. They had both girls sizes on sale, so we figured to get them now and not take the chance or them being gone. They are sooooo cute. I cannot wait to see them in their matching dresses! Before we left, we rode the merry-go-round, which is what the last 2 pictures are from. It was a fun day! :)


Anonymous said...

Please post some of the fun clothes and preperation you are doing for Kate. The only thing that helps with this wait is seeing others who have their referrals/children home. I love living vicariously through you until it's my turn.

Also, just a few baby gear tips. I am a nanny so I can give you pretty good advice. :0) I know you guys like your single Peg Perego stroller, but I would NOT reccomend the Peg Perego double strollers. They are bulky and very hard to turn. Very difficult! I would reccomend the Maclaren Twin Triumph or the Maclaren Twin Techno. Both are excellent strollers (with cute colors, too!) and fit a wide variety of children. Plus it's lightweight, easy to steer, etc. The other double I love is the Bumbleride Indie Twin. Just Google any of the strollers I just listed and you'll find places that carry them online. For carseats I would buy AnnaClaire a Britax Regent and move Kate into the Marathon you already have. The Regent is bigger, and will fit her until she is 80 pounds! This will save you the money of buying another Marathon and then having to switch them both into Regents when they outgrow them. AnnaClaire is already big enough for the Regent, so you might as well go ahead and get it (cute patterns for this, as well!). I know you don't need all this info but you can pass it onto your mom if you'd like.


2 China 4 Addison said...

I love seeing you guys with Amy - one of my favorite people in the whole world! And now you know why she is one of my favorite people! :) Wish I had been there with you, and at the shore, too!
Miss you all!

Amy Jo said...

Hello Beautiful!!! I'm HOME! Thanks for posting the pic...I totally meant to get a pic with YOU in hoo...guess I need to come back to Charlotte SOON! On Saturday, I walked by the entrace to Embassy Suites and was reminded of our last few moments saying goodbye and felt a bit melancholy...missing y'all already! So, next year, you have to come to She Speaks! You'll LOVE IT! Hugs & love to you, your Chatty Mom and Miss AC! - Amy