Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sunday- Beach, pool, and matching girls!

(sharing was the motto of the weekend! here Claire and AC are working together to pour the water into the hole!)

Sunday was our last full day in NJ and our last beach day. It was also the hottest day. We took a quick walk down to the beach and definitely enjoyed the last day. The girls played in the sand and the water a little before lunch. We then walked up to the boardwalk for our picnic. It was so hot while we ate and we decided to go to the pool to cool off. The pool was (only.. haha!) 71 degrees, but it felt so good. Everyone enjoyed it so much, so we ended up staying there the rest of the afternoon. AnnaClaire especially absolutely loved it. She got very brave and would jump right in, and swim around in our arms. She loved it! She also loved the baby pool. All the girls had a very fun time swimming around. We left the pool around 3:30 and headed back for naps. All the girls slept very nicely! Mrs. Laura cooked a very yummy pasta salad and then we headed out for pictures. Mrs. Keri had gotten all the girls matching dresses and bows. While we had put them in the dresses on Friday, we didn't get a chance to take good pictures, so we put them back in the dresses for pictures. They were very cooperative for the most part and were rewarded with ice cream! The ice cream was very good and all the girls definitely deserved it. We enjoyed a beautiful walk back to the house, getting to see the town. It really is such a cute town. We were very sad to leave!

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Lauren said...

It looks like you had a ton of fun!!